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Our consultants have put together a range of information aimed to help you make the right decisions for your organisation.

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Developer

Some top tips and important questions to ask before choosing which developer you will employ to create your bespoke application. Registration required.

Writing A Requirements Specification

Advice and tips on how to put together a specification outlining what you want out of your new system. A document like this is invaluable in order to get accurate quotations and to ensure every need is met. Includes a downloadable form designed by our consultants specifically for this purpose. Registration required.

Testing Your New Software

This article examines the vital, but often overlooked, process of testing software, from the client's angle. What is the developer is responsible for, what should you be doing, how long will it take, and what procedures should you follow? Registration required.


Economic Downturn Woes

Most of the time people would think that a development company would be the last person to get in touch with during an economic downturn. The idea of spending money on IT for software, hardware or training of staff at this time does not seem sensible. Yet is it not at this time that a company should be looking to squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of the staff and resources they have?

Bespoke vs Off-the-shelf Software

This article takes a balanced look at the pros and cons of both buying in pre-packaged software, and having bespoke applications written for you.

Best Practice Design

What exactly do we mean by 'Best Practice Design' and why is it so important? This article explains these techniques and what they mean to you, the customer.

Microsoft .NET/SQL vs Microsoft Access

When developing a database application, there are often two main platforms to choose from (if you stick to Microsoft technologies) - Microsoft .NET/SQL and Microsoft Access. Access is often the initial choice because people are familiar with it - but is it always the best choice?


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