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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the rights to the software you develop for us?

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, you do. As far as we are concerned you pay us to write the system for you, and so therefore you own the intellectual property rights to the software. This is different to how many other developers work, who will retain all source code and copyright.

Can't you keep costs down by reusing elements from other projects?

Hero have developed a standard set of components (click here for more information) that we can drop into new projects dramatically speeding up development time, and therefore reducing cost. However, we are also big believers in building applications to suite the client's exact needs, rather than forcing them to work with the way we have done things in the past.

Do we have to go through you for any changes we want making in the future?

No, although hopefully you'd come back to us because we did such a good job! Unlike many other developers, we will supply you with all the relevant technical documentation and source code so you’re not tied to us in anyway. All the documentation and source code comes as standard with the price.

You say you adhere to “industry standard best practices”. What are these and what advantages do they offer me?

Following best practice design usually takes a little longer than taking shortcuts, but results in less bugs, and makes the system as efficient and reliable as possible. It also makes future maintenance and upgrades cheaper and easier. See our article on best practice design for more details.

Do I really need all the technical documentation you put together?

We believe so yes. While in the short term it might not seem necessary there will always be a time when changes are needed. The documentation is vital in helping developers (whether it be Hero or not) understand the system and to help them to make changes safely and efficiently. So in the long run, it is more than likely to save you a great deal of money.

You are Microsoft Certified Partner - what exactly does this mean?

Certified Partners demonstrate a high degree of competence in working with Microsoft technologies and are officicially recognised by Microsoft for their expertise in providing solutions utilising Microsoft products. Unfortunately over the years this scheme has been abused by some companies who advertise as Certified Partners but who aren't actually certified by Microsoft. Hero are 100% legitimate in this respect.

Do you have developers based in the UK, or do you simply outsource everything?

At Hero we have our own development team based here in the UK. This means that we can best support the application after it goes live, as well as making projects run smoother as things won't get 'lost in translation'. Generally all contact will be direct with project managers, although we are happy for clients to meet with developers as well if required.

We do have a development partner we can outsource to who are sometimes used, for instance, if a client needs an application to go live quickly and our developers are tied up. However, regardless of this, a UK-based project manager will always be the main point of contact for any queries a client may have.

What are the different stages of a development project?

Visit our How We Work page for a complete overview of the process.

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