Someone investigating, with the slogan 'Information Management Evaluation - are you managing your information as well as you could?'

Information Management Evaluation

Could your organisation manage its information better, and if so, how? What investment would be required, and what would be the potential return on this investment?

Hero's Information Management Evaluation service is designed to let you call on an expert to answer these questions for you, in order to allow you to make an informed decision on the strategy for Information Management in your business.

After spending time within your organisation, meeting with high-level management and observing end-users, we'll submit a detailed report looking at a number of things:

The time taken to conduct this exercise will depend on the size of the organisation, and the level of detail you wish to go, but typically will be around 3-4 days.

As well as a written report, we are also happy to give a presentation of our findings and recommendations if required

An Unbiased Evaluation

The most common concern is if you'll receive an unbiased evaluation, bearing in mind that Hero Solutions specialise in the development of bespoke applications. The important thing to remember is that this is a paid-for service, not a sales exercise. The findings and recommendations put forward in the report you receive will be un-biased and backed up with hard evidence based on the time spent within your organisation.

If you are not 100% satisfied that the evaluation is completely unbiased and balanced then we won't expect you to pay.

What do I do next?

Phone 0800 012 4495 and ask to speak to one of our sales consultants, who will be happy to arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our senior consultants to discuss this service.

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