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About Hero's prices

All our prices are based on the time taken to develop the solution and the associated documentation. We can quote on a fixed price or pro rata basis, although the majority of our clients prefer the reassurance of a fixed price quotation for a project.

We have never pretended to be the cheapest around (although we are definitely a long way off the most expensive), but what we do offer is real value for money. Our professional approach to design and ongoing support means that in the long run it usually works out significantly cheaper. And our extensive code library and standard components means we can re-use common elements to cut down development time and ultimately cost. Click here for more information on our streamlined development processes.

What's included in the price?

With all our solutions, we offer as standard:

So if you're shopping around and getting several quotes, remember to ask if these services are extra, or if they are offered at all. (for more information on why these services are important, check out our FAQ page).

When do we pay?

Payment for a development project will be split across a number of deliverables, based on the size of the project. This approach means each time we ask for payment you have something to show for it, and also means, particularly for a longer term project, the cost of development can be spread across a period of time.

For a typical project, payments would be due on: Delivery of approved specification document, Delivery of ALPHA version of the system, Delivery of BETA version of the system, Completion of project.

So how much will it cost?

The nature of bespoke development means every project is different and it is impossible to give an accurate price without first understanding your requirements (phone 0800 012 4495 to book a free consultation, or even to just ask us for some advice). However, the list below will give you an idea of price ranges:

Solution 1

Description: Simple system with only a few users accessing it from the office. Self-contained with basic reports and searches and the ability to store relatively small amounts of data.
Approximate Price Range: £5000 - £10,000

Solution 2

Description: Multi-user system (e.g. 10 users) dealing with larger amounts of data. Data auditing, custom reporting and integration with other applications such as Microsoft Office, Sage etc.
Approximate Price Range: £10,000 - £20,000

Solution 3

Description: System used by a larger organisation (e.g. 50 users). Higher volume of data and transactions. Full integration with other applications and online access. Custom reporting facilities, auditing etc.
Approximate Price Range: £20,000 - £50,000

Solution 4

Description: Complex business-critical system used by a larger corporation (50+ users). High volume of data and transactions. Data warehousing, full integration with other applications and online web services. Custom reporting facilities, auditing etc.
Approximate Price Range: £50,000 +


As well as fixed-cost projects, our consultants can also be booked out on a daily rate basis. Our rate is £495 + VAT per day, plus travel expenses if an on-site visit is required.

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