A stethoscope, with the slogan 'comprehensive support - complete support and maintenance solutions from Hero'

Comprehensive Support

What if a problem arose with your application that stopped you working even for a few hours? Would things grind to a halt, and would this be costing you valuable time and money?

If the answer is YES, then it would be prudent to have a support contract in place to deal with any problems and get you up and running as soon as possible.

Hero Solutions can provide comprehensive support for your bespoke system for peace of mind that there is somebody available either to simply answer questions or deal with any unexpected issues.

Do I need a support contract?

People often say that a well written software shouldn’t need a lot of support. This is a fair assumption, but unexpected things can happen, caused by both internal and external factors, which can result in problems with a system.

Here are some examples of issues we’ve had to deal with for customers:

More Information

For more information on our support contracts, please phone 0800 012 4495 and ask to speak to one of our sales consultants. As well as the support service, we can also provide a user manual and bespoke training on applications developed by Hero.

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