Bespoke Software Development

Hero specialises in custom software development, desktop applications, web applications, and applications for mobile devices. We have the skills and experience to produce system solutions that fit requirements that cannot be solved with off-the-shelf software.

Web Application Development

We specialise in building websites that are integrated into your business. These web applications take the form of portals, intranets and online-systems, combining utility with accessibility. Remote working becomes much simpler when running your operations in an online-environment, and we have proven that this can be done without implications on practicality or security. 

As well as working with you to take requirements and build a system from scratch, we could take your existing offline-application and convert it into a streamlined online-system. Our clients that have web applications benefit from having systems that are scalable, dependable and are not reliant on their internal networks. They also benefit from our ability to integrate their web application with other systems that they use, connecting via APIs and other connections to form a cohesive product meeting all their needs.

Operational Software

Operational software is a system that supports your processes and allows you and your workforce to perform tasks efficiently. The bespoke systems we produce are tailored to fit how you work and will adapt in line whenever your organisation changes. They provide methods to perform your job, and include reporting tools to oversee it all. The software can include all aspects of business operation; staff management, stock control, invoicing, event booking, resource allocation, project scheduling… Examples of these pieces of software include Management Information Systems, Customer Relationship Managers and Business Management Software.

Many organisations are limited by an existing database system that is no longer fit-for-purpose, or they are working with software that needs modifications. We have a team of technical engineers who can work with you to create software based on an old system, or we can develop your existing software to bring it up-to-date with how you work, by using the latest technology. We work in a range of different environments and are capable of assisting with network configuration and any other aspects of a project that you may need assistance with.

Product Development

Hero can help you bring a product idea you have into development. We have a portfolio of Software as a Service (SAAS) systems we have developed that allow our clients to engage with consumers. These products include subscription services, online purchasing and white-labelled products. As your consumer base grows the product expands accordingly, supporting the increase in service requirements without impacting the day-to-day operation of the business.

The products we produce incorporate management facilities for you to customise the services you are offering. They are built on securely hosted, scalable infrastructures that we manage ourselves, ensuring they are using foundations that are optimised for the services your product is offering. With a background in building bespoke software we are perfectly placed to bring your unique product to fruition.


We offer the option to work with you in moving a project forward by providing support and technical guidance. As our teams have backgrounds in various technologies we are able to review existing systems and processes so that we can offer solutions on how to advance and improve them. We can work together to draw up the requirements for a project, helping you define what a system will need to do to achieve your objectives. The documentation we create could be used as a specification for tender, or to plan the next step in commissioning the development of a system.

When working on the plans, Hero will produce documentation for you encompassing timelines, technical specifications, data structures, testing plans and launch processes. These important documents define the project, detailing the road map that will lead to a successful solution. We can be on hand to help explain options at each stage, and suggest alternatives when required. We strive to be open and clear in all the advice we provide.


When a system is completed and launched the project moves into the support phase. It is rare for Hero to produce a system for a client and not continue our relationship together working on the system. We provide UK based support, often with the end user liaising directly with the original developers on the system who have intimate knowledge of how the system operates. 

The support we offer ranges from “How to” help and assistance in guiding your team in using the system, through to modifications and necessary updates to keep the system accurate and current with your business and processes. The steps and planning we complete at the start of the project put us in good stead for any of our team members to be able to answer and assist you if the need arises.

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