Specification Development

Successful development starts with a detailed, well thought out plan. Hero work with you to make sure your ideas meet all your outcomes.

Client Brief

On receipt of your brief Hero analyse it, apply our experience to formulate any initial ideas and present them to you along with further questions we may have about your objectives.

Requirements Discussed

Hero talk to you about the details of the required system; what flows are needed, what information is to be stored and what outputs/reports you may need. We know which questions to ask to ensure all aspects are covered.

System Documentation

Hero apply an all encompassing approach to produce screen mockups, flow diagrams and technical specifications.These define the system in enough detail to provide a concise description of all the components required.

Client Review Of Documents

Hero talk you through the documentation, explaining how decisions have been made and making sure that it covers all features you require and meets the objectives. We will amend the documentation following any feedback you provide.

Project Cost

By using the system documentation we can produce accurate cost structures which are aligned with components in the documentation. You will know exactly what is to be included in the project as the documentation has defined it so clearly.

Project Timeline

Hero agree together a project timeline, usually around a number of milestones or phases. There will be a need for you or your project manager to spend time with our project manager reviewing system releases, and so we schedule that into the timeline so that you can plan your resources.



Hero begin developing the system, following development best practices and project management methodologies to ensure the system is developed quickly, accurately and securely. We provide updates as we make progress so that you know how the system is forming.


Client Review

Hero provide test releases to you so that you can review the system. We would explain which part of the system you are reviewing and which parts of the system documentation have been built. This means that you have a clear set of criteria to check against when you are testing.


System Amendments

Any amendments or updates you give in feedback will be reviewed and implemented. Updates are applied to system documentation to ensure that any system changes are planned and agreed; this is important to avoid any unexpected impacts on the timelines. You would be asked to review the amendments in a following test release.

System Launch

The system may be launched in full or in phases. We would either take full control over the setup and launch of the system, or would work with your IT team. We have system engineers who are experienced in working on company systems directly, and alternatively are capable of providing guidance to your engineers.

Future Expansion

Hero aim to produce software for life; the intention is that the system will grow and change as your business processes change. When new requirements arise we work with you to plan system changes, using the system documentation to determine how changes are to be implemented.

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