Hero have experience developing software for overseeing the management of a farm to specific requirements


DEFRA audit the productivity of farms via a team based at the University of Nottingham.  DEFRA require a full set of accounting data to be recorded on a wide range of farms in the UK.


A MS-DOS based system had come to the end of its life and needed to be replaced by a system that was future-proof.


Hero created a new system to manage the input, storage and processing of farmer financial income/outgoings. The new system was generally mimicking the existing system to reduce the need to retrain staff and to keep the speed of data entry. The core part of the system allowed users to input the breakdown of all receipts and payments a farming business has made in a financial year. The items on the receipts are categorised as they are entered, and the system guides the user through the process of balancing the account to ensure that the values in the system match the values on the banking statements. Basic reporting tools allow data to be exported in simple formats for use in further analysis.



  • Application in Microsoft  .net with Local Database
University of Nottingham
Application, Farming, Accountancy

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